Because sometimes I cannot be the strong one. Sometimes I cannot be 'the bigger person.' I've never known What it felt like To be 'home.' Sometimes I just need to break down To tell the world I've had enough That I cannot take anymore And I want to stop feeling Everything.

If you have captured his attention for a moment or have taken it for a lifetime. If he thinks you are the most beautiful he has seen or if everyday he sees better. If today he wants to marry you but tomorrow will change his mind. If right now 'I love you' is a certainty... Continue Reading →

The one woman you want all to yourself But she belongs to someone else. The one cookie you have your eye on In your face it turns to dust. You walk a dangerous path With no weapon to protect yourself. A cantankerous old man needs your help But you'd rather beat his ass. Your emotions... Continue Reading →

Agents field calls from the south Pointing in the direction of hell.  Nothing tends to lend to redemption When cast upon evils spell. She was born on the third moon Welsh, with a little Saxon. Scheming demise within the walls But it’s only a small infraction. A silhouette glides across the wall As she traces... Continue Reading →

I drew my sword at the ready Then drew a line in the sand. I asked if you had the nerve to pass You did not. For years I waited for you To breach the line now faded with time You did not. When I wasn't angry anymore At you For your betrayal I gave... Continue Reading →

Foam shot from his mouth As he whispered the words "I never want to be you." I shrugged my heavy shoulders Smiled and turned away. When the fog lifts only darkness is left. With the quiet sense of diligence I will proceed into darkness as far as my mind will let me. Little does the... Continue Reading →

I run my finger across his moist lips, He knows where I want to touch. The tension surrounding our naked bodies, He knows I want him and how much. My breasts up against his chest, I whisper in his ear. I'd tell you what I said to him, But it is only for him to... Continue Reading →

When the wind blows The sheet rises a little My bare breasts can be seen. When the sun comes through Its warm rays hit my body I sigh in complete contentment. I lie here Naked Waiting for you. Where are you?

I swallowed my pride one day And handed my foreboding to you. Kissed a frog that was just a toad Under his tutelage I grew. I’ve stepped in amnesty With no intention of recourse. There is no shame in baring yourself With the right person, of course. I’ve whispered secrets into the ears of nymphs... Continue Reading →

Movement stirs the beast within stillness keeps it at bay. Mountains moved, sins attached it never comes out to play. A ritual born of angers words keeps liquidity harbored inside. Forcing winds blow truths but not past benevolent pride. Crystal figures stand and watch as a babe is passed around. Lost, beaten, battered, and bruised... Continue Reading →

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