The world says we are strangers

But I’m really not so sure.

The example left by my ancestors

Left us feeling a bit insecure.

A cross hung up on a grave

I kneel upon the land.

I’ve taken nothing that wasn’t given

Yet everyone holds out their hand.

I’ve left pieces of myself in places

That I’ve never even been.

I’ve taken over a conversation

When I didn’t know where to begin.

I know we feel the same in our hearts

You are no different than I.

Our people may worship a different God

But we all reach for the same sky.

I have dreams we can live in peace

That we can get along like brothers.

We’ve watched too much news in our time

And quit listening to our mothers.

I believe there is a common ground

A place where we both can stand.

We really just need to believe in one another

And stop this fighting over land.

We also need to quit fighting over religion

It’s never gotten us anywhere.

We all believe in the good of man

But killing over belief isn’t fair.

Let’s us all take a moment to think

Of how this world would be

If we love one another as humans

And put our differences out to sea.

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