A rain cools the room for a while So we sit and stare at the fire. Hands entwined and hearts ablaze Yet it all hangs on a wire. A single tear rolls down the cheek Of a love you never allowed to be born. You think the labor isn’t worth the trial Like the rose... Continue Reading →

Flecks of darkness gleam my eyes; Before me stands Ares. I smile because I know the truth; Of what the sloth carries.  I ask him to start a war for me So large nobody wins. Everyone lays dying or dead Then the truth of lies begins.  I gather gold and silver pieces Hand them to... Continue Reading →

I am all the way up here Where the sun refuses to shine. Where anonymity is confused With a breach of contract. Life begins and ends here With very little concern Of the length of time Between them. I rise every morning With a clear understanding Of my fate. I am the broken remains Of... Continue Reading →

Sensuality that cuts to your core. Whispers Only you can hear. Love Only you can touch. My body Only you can have. Do you want me enough to come? Or will you allow Fear To control Our fate?

Passed down from his mother His disdain Taken out on me physically As an innocent child. I hope he realizes When I am dead He is standing there holding a gun That killed me; I never cared He hated me.

A symbiotic affair That began as a whisper. Will end with a shout Of silence.  

Look at me carefully Into my blue eyes Because you may never see them again. Listen to my words The tone of my voice Because you may never hear it again. Watch me walk away; The empty space I leave Is  all that  you will see.

Agents field calls from the south Pointing in the direction of hell.  Nothing tends to lend to redemption When cast upon evils spell. She was born on the third moon Welsh, with a little Saxon. Scheming demise within the walls But it’s only a small infraction. A silhouette glides across the wall As she traces... Continue Reading →

The world says we are strangers But I’m really not so sure. The example left by my ancestors Left us feeling a bit insecure. A cross hung up on a grave I kneel upon the land. I’ve taken nothing that wasn’t given Yet everyone holds out their hand. I’ve left pieces of myself in places... Continue Reading →

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