Le Tempeste

Withered veins worn deep inside the tomb Concealing what has happened to the man. Once so full of life and varying degrees of passion Now gray and decaying right before me. In my cauldron is beautiful white hemlock I fed him soup and told him it was to give him strength. My life fulfilled by... Continue Reading →

Head Full of Lies

She has a dangerous sense of securityKnowing that death is merely a timeA moment caught in bitter hasteOf what was a perfect crime.Placid is the day nowSilence is the storm.Caught up in angers dripping viceIs not usually her norm.Today she steals the breathOf the man that did her in.Finding something to make the voicesBleed from... Continue Reading →

A wispy of wondrous light becomes him For his name is Admapri, The Grand. He once came upon a mountain With the most beautiful terrain. A strong warrior, that has fought many battles But now he fights an inner demon. He comes upon the Lake of Freedom Where the surface is much like a mirror... Continue Reading →

You say things about me Terrible things That people should never Say about their daughter. You probably wish I was never born Never taken to your house That you never laid eyes on me. Maybe you wish That wave that took me out Would have killed me. I try to ignore it Time and time... Continue Reading →

It has been so long since I've heard your voice The accent that lays so beautifully against my ear. I know I'm not supposed to.. But one thing we've learned Time and time again Is that our heart will not lie. I wonder if you ever think of me While singing in hues That most... Continue Reading →

Many women Will want many things from you. I only want to stand before you Look you in your beautiful brown eyes Smile Then kiss you.. Like you have never been kissed before. I don't want everything from you I just want What you will willingly Give to me.

I stand before you; Naked In every way. I look you directly in the eyes Allow them to wander; Down your body To your waist Then back up To your lips. Hand you a glass of wine You slowly take out of my hand. "I am ready for you.."

Declan Sharma said this about this write and song he has done: "This is my collaboration so far with incredible American author and poet Josephine L. A. Ranes. It is fair to say that this work of hers changed my life. Moreover - it SAVED my life. I kid you not. The powerful inconvenient truth... Continue Reading →

Two swords meet in battle One anger; One love. Both ends of the spectrum circumventing one another for years Now meet today. There is a middle ground Called peace They stand on it While fighting. The air is full of passion Unrelenting, and unforgiving Someone will need to die today To put this war at... Continue Reading →

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