Head Full of Lies

She has a dangerous sense of security

Knowing that death is merely a time

A moment caught in bitter haste

Of what was a perfect crime.

Placid is the day now

Silence is the storm.

Caught up in angers dripping vice

Is not usually her norm.

Today she steals the breath

Of the man that did her in.

Finding something to make the voices

Bleed from their broken sin.

She grabs the nearest device

To try to end the deed.

But Satan succumbs to no woman

As he arrives on his steed.

“So you want to fight the devil?”

He says as he laughs.

“You may steal the day from the public,

But I would have them all on their backs.”

She decides to get the nearest gun

To shoot herself in the head.

Wonders what he would do to her

If she suddenly ended up dead?

She knows he would be angry,

But hell, he’s always that!

So she holds it to her temple

Then Satan tips his hat.

“If I cannot have your body,

Then it is your soul I will take!”

Her mind races for the logic in this

But she really has nothing at stake.

Someone once told her a line;

That the devil hides in the light.

Meaning sometimes he doesn’t hide at all

And he’s eager for the fight!

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