She gained some weight since marriage Doesn't wash your clothes? Takes too much time in the shower Doesn't fix your lunch for work? Maybe she's taken up a hobby That you don't find very amusing? He's gained some weight since marriage Won't help you with the kids Doesn't take out the trash on command? Wow!... Continue Reading →

There isn't a saint around anywhere So I cannot cleanse myself in his blood. Swirling anger and diocese Mixes with the energy I've left in the room. Running from what I've just done I don't even stop to pretend I care. I knew I had broken a sacred rule To do harm to none. Through... Continue Reading →

Let me lay this down for you As simply as I possibly can. I don't like beating around the bush So let's get down to brass tax. I've done things with you in my head That would make Satan blush. I may not be the most beautiful woman But my desire for you is palpable.... Continue Reading →

Viscous and thermal in design Black in temper and form. Shadowed by a vicious attack Spawned out of the storm. The aftermath was freedom But forsaken she didn’t believe. She thought she could trust the man But didn’t see what was up his sleeve. Darkened as the night It fell upon her like rain. Consequence... Continue Reading →

Fragments of our lives lay Broken Irretrievably. Free, Like wind That gently blows over a prairie. We can always deny; But never can lie about The price we ended up paying. Fortunes lay wasted While we flutter about Trying to eat from the carcases Left to us By the hunters. We are the night stalkers;... Continue Reading →

He loved her tender beauty But was afraid to leave his life behind So his friend came up with an idea.. Tell her he would come to her And stay for all eternity. Book a flight with a 3 week return Then sneak off to the airport and leave her. He did book that flight... Continue Reading →

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