A twist of lemon for the side Then you boil the water. Gather all the things you need As the liquid becomes hotter. If you tangle in a mess of this With just a little bit of that, You'll come out with the insanity Within a stricken little rat. You have to plunge the tea... Continue Reading →

A dress laying up against my leg. A corset, tight up against my chest. Him to look like at me like he would fuck me right there. Panty hose comfortably snug against my freshly shaved legs. The top of my breasts slightly peeking out of my shirt. My fingers gently gliding down his bare chest.... Continue Reading →

Somewhere between an angels kiss And Satan's seduction. The possibility of forever And the realization it could end right this second. A storm that floods an entire town And a drought that kills thousands. Between the fantasy within our minds And the reality that takes hold. Anger that brings you to the brink And a... Continue Reading →

I awoke this morning Turned on my phone Then realized you didn't call. All the nights of lies The secrets we handed back and forth When you whispered "I love you" Meant nothing. I've decided to remain in reality Live my life for something bigger Something better Than you. If I never find the person... Continue Reading →

Though the wind surrounds me Although my force is not truly as strong as I say I shout when nobody can hear me I live in the wrong place I was born into madness I’ve cried when I should have laughed Laughed when I should have cried Tainted friendships over anger Held grudges too long... Continue Reading →

Tonight.. I don't want to pretend that you love me I don't want to act like you will ever come to me I want to live in reality I'm sick of fantasy. Tired of excuses How this is more important Or that is more important. Perhaps you should stop lying And find someone more important... Continue Reading →

A slight deviation of trust Mixed with some ardent ambiance. A colossal mix of servitude Laid upon a plate of debt. True colors of form in solution Come in waves of subtle sex. Do you think I would mind if you bit me? Honed in on a version of danger Even you cannot comprehend. A... Continue Reading →

I was going to retire publishing poetry after my labor of love "Little Pieces of Me" but I found this book that earlier last year I had begun putting together, and decided to make this my last published book of poetry. It is called "When Darkness Falls." It's 70 pages of my poetry, some of... Continue Reading →

I love you like the rain that touches the earth Silently soaking into the moist ground Providing nourishment to one That requires it. I love you like the river That swiftly flows through a valley Pulling with energy Toward the protection of a lake. I love you like the snowfall The single snowflake That is... Continue Reading →

Let us sit here On the edge of reason Where insanity and friendship collide In a beautiful show we call love. Let the sound of our understanding Gently mingle with the noiseless chatter of our silence. May our souls entwine in the colors Our voices are not making. Let us sit here in silence Saying... Continue Reading →

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