We told him to be a hero

To rush out and kill people

That would do harm to our nation

Are trying to take our freedoms away from us!

“Rush out there with a gun soldier

Kill everyone

Be merciless!”

And you will be an American hero!

We provide him with the gun



And, of course,

The reason for his hate.

When he is done with the battle

We sent him to fight

He returns to our great nation

Without a wife

Because she didn’t want to wait that long for him.

Without a home



He tries to get a job

But there aren’t any for men with his abilities.

Then we post things on our Facebook

About how terrible this war was

How these soldiers went in and killed innocent people.

The public turns their backs on him

The government turns their backs on him.

While our ‘American Hero’ roams the streets

Begging for his next meal.

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