Like an innocent child

You promise to love all their lives.

The innocence you take from a woman

When you tell her you cherish her

And she believes you.

He told me he would come to me

Rescue me

Save me from my life of the damned.

Reward me for years

I slaved away


When he told me I was the only woman

He loved with a passion

I didn’t think I deserved it

But his conviction won over my doubt

And I believed him.

When robbed of everything

I found out he was a lie

That everything he said

He said to many women

Some even at the same time

I fell to my knees.

All this time later

I wonder

Why I do not deserve love

Why everyone around me does

But I do not.

I wonder

Why I’m not dead

Instead of living a life

Where I am not cared for.

I wonder

Sometimes late at night

When I am lonely

If I believe him still.

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