A twist of lemon for the side

Then you boil the water.

Gather all the things you need

As the liquid becomes hotter.

If you tangle in a mess of this

With just a little bit of that,

You’ll come out with the insanity

Within a stricken little rat.

You have to plunge the tea bag in

Or leave and let it sit.

When you want to know how it will end

I’ll tell you it’s all shit.

Draw a pentagram on a piece of paper

Then let someone sit on the prize

Oh right! We’re making tea

Or is that just the disguise?

You’ll need some honey to make it sweet

You don’t just want it sour.

I’ll tell you that passion is..

The ultimate superpower.

Don’t sit that on her table!

The cup is hot you twat!

Either hold it in your hand and sip

Or sit it on a mat.

When you want to know why you live

Just look at your darling wife.

If you want you want to know why you’d jump off the cliff

You just add life.

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