One day I just stopped Caring about anything I went through the motions Said what I was supposed to say Did what I was supposed to do It was no life. I was simply waiting to die.

I went to go see my grandmother She was a talented, successful writer That lived in a beautiful home Alone. She was dying Lying in bed with a book She had written years ago. I smiled when I entered the room Told her how wonderful she looked Brushed my fingers up her hand. She looked... Continue Reading →

Flecks of darkness gleam my eyes Before me stands Ares. I smile because I know the truth Of what the sloth carries.   I ask him to start a war for me So large nobody wins. Everyone lays dying or dead Then the truth of lies begins.   I gather gold and silver pieces Hand... Continue Reading →

Going through the motions one night Just barely hanging on by a thread. The thoughts of what I nearly wanted Still dangling around in my head. Embers still burn for someone else While in this one I found discord. With one small touch I reached for freedom It was in the shape of a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Do you wonder why It doesn't bother me That you do not call anymore? Do not care how I am doing? How my life is going? That I've gotten injured? How my holiday went? Does it not bother you That I don't reach out to you? Don't call you? Haven't thought of you in days?... Continue Reading →

Be thankful all year long So you can spend this day Realizing That all you have Is all you need.

I was held in dark contempt For screaming too loudly at the wind. Then lost all respect for mankind Because of one that did me in. Shadows fall in aftermath, I thought I heard a sound. A whisper came all to late, the lady hit the ground. I glide through a season without knowing It... Continue Reading →

She is placid and daft in her dealings Rousingly green at all things worldly. You could almost tell her the plan of attack Without hearing it from her voice.   A small chalice lies on the floor In a room nobody visits. I went in to see if anyone could hear me If I screamed... Continue Reading →

Gravity breaks ground again Smacks her in the face. Losing chance she fakes the fall And yet always knows her place. The sun glistens in her blue eyes Making them look green. Her shadow is cast to the north Making her appear lean. Craving another mistake She grabs on to a boil. It oozes with... Continue Reading →

Relationships are not solid Like granite. They are movement and rhythm Dancing to the tune of love. They are like a river; Love keeps the river moving As it works to make a path Consistent and congruent With its truth. It is beautiful Marked by the times It overcomes obstacles. You will notice While looking... Continue Reading →

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