Aboard a ship is my crew, I’ve sequestered for a fight. I’m tired of hearing of disparages, and won’t let it go another night. My list of nationalities is long, we’ll be in this one a while. We’re taking all the politicians to the ground, without the lengthy trial. I’ve chosen countries that have been around for ages, they all seem to settle the score. Once lost, but twice found, they have always yearned for more.

There is a sheath laying on the angry ground, while a Welshman tries to find his fate. Point at all four corners of the earth, He decides to make them wait. He doesn’t mind fighting them all, and one by one they come. Forests hide dangers hidden in falls, the Welshman suddenly feels numb. They fought the Romans and largely won, but where is their language today? The English rule and take to heart, what would be a glorious day. The Christians ruined your faith, and the politicians run your present. You can sit and watch your country turn, or fight like they did when you were a peasant.

The Irishman then steps aboard, and an angry man is he. They rule his land with an iron fist, now even the rich don’t believe. We begin with the Battle of Clontarf, a glory that never dim, you once fought like men that had land to save, now it all goes out on a whim. Pride in what you believe, stand firm in what you want. The Irishman wasn’t taken easily, nor should you worry your battles will haunt.

You would fight them tooth and nail if you knew how many coffers you fill, but you must find the eagerness to fight, you must have the will.

Your ancestry dates back thousands of years, and mine begins in 1776. We didn’t fight over anything really, but who owned a bunch of sticks. We stole land from people that lived in peace, gave them our religious lie. When stealing your land wasn’t enough for England, they thought they’d give this one a try.

Nobody can fight a battle for you, the war must begin with you. You can take the entire lot with you, or simply bring a few. Don’t stand for this injustice, you must get tired of the lies. Politicians are not the turd, they are the shit eating flies.

With diligence I’ll watch you fight, just like your ancestors did. Pride will come to you at last, when the disease is what you rid.




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