Darkness took the air one night
I had already angered the beast.
Wondering if I had taken it too far
Or if he was still coming to the feast?

I decided I would begin the war
He wanted so badly to fight.
Thinking I would start during the day
Because he has an advantage at night.

When the fighting began at daybreak
I thought it was complete hell.
But then he made a foolish move
Rounded a corner, and fell.

I stood with the sword at his throat
With an ever-so-subtle smile.
He told me to take his life just then
But I thought I should toy with him a while.

Begging for mercy wasn’t his style
He really wanted to die.
When I looked at him in denial once
He softly began to cry.

It wasn’t me he hated
It was what I represent.
A woman with the power of discernment
Alone, and content.

He thought I should need something
I guess I proved him wrong.
I told him to get his stupid ass up
And I hoped he lived happy and long.

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