….Hasn’t laid down in bed with me in months, she sleeps somewhere else.

….Never takes naps on the porch while reading her favorite magazine.

….Doesn’t touch me or kiss me anymore.

….Doesn’t annoy me every time I answer my phone by asking me who it is while I’m trying to talk. Maybe it doesn’t matter to her anymore who I talk to.

….Never noticed when I began talking to another woman on Facebook,  ….never checks it anymore, or cares who I friend. Maybe she is hoping someone takes me away from her.

….Didn’t get sad when my sister told me to forget about her and move on with my life, that she was gone, and no amount of waiting would get her back.

….Doesn’t write me little notes telling me how much she loves me.

….Didn’t cry when I fell to my knees at her graveside begging her to come back to me.

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