Steadily Yet Slowly As if you have nothing else to do in your life. Teach everyone a broken principle Then remind yourself we've a lot to do. Woven into the fabric of our society We tend to lean towards good and righteous living. Through the hands of fate we are directed On a course that... Continue Reading →

If anything I have said here Or anywhere Leads you to any other conclusion Than I am a strong, capable, and able, Then  you are the complete idiot Not I.

Written on the pages of a diary In the middle somewhere Is a name of a person you don't remember Doing something you would deny today.   In the shoe you left by the fireplace To get warm Or to dry off Lies a pebble you will discard.   In a country you've never heard... Continue Reading →

This is a page on Facebook ran by Keith Alcorn who, amongst other things, did the illustrations for "Jimmy Neutron." If you want to take a minute to 'like' it, you can find it here. This is my writing, and Keith Alcorn's illustration.

Love rises from the Earth to cover porous ends. Ocean doesn't cleanse the stench Melpomene attends. Terpsichore moves about trying to avoid the crime. It isn't hard for her, you see She has no sense of time. Calliope finds time to roam when the pen is taken out. Beautiful love written in skies Woven like... Continue Reading →

Rain falls on a tin roof You can hear it softly hit My mind wanders to a place of serenity Curtains blow into the room I put my ‘Wordsworth’ book down Bare feet on a hardwood floor I turn on ‘Blue Moon’ Begin swaying to the music I pretend you dance with me I close... Continue Reading →

With the same passion as you. All of my heart going into every moment I spend with my love. I cherish them and our lives We are spending together as one. Am not doing a single thing different Than you are. I happen to love a woman Hold her close to me every night Smell... Continue Reading →

I blew seeds in the wind one time Because people who plant things Are controlling something We have no business controlling. An artifact of life Hung precariously in the balance Somewhere in between "Where are you?" And "Why are you here?" Two famous questions Yet both have no answer At least not to the living.... Continue Reading →

....Hasn't laid down in bed with me in months, she sleeps somewhere else. ....Never takes naps on the porch while reading her favorite magazine. ....Doesn't touch me or kiss me anymore. ....Doesn't annoy me every time I answer my phone by asking me who it is while I'm trying to talk. Maybe it doesn't matter... Continue Reading →

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