Today is a new beginning A moment you can choose To define who you are. Or, you can recreate yourself Educate yourself Learn to love again Or fall in love With the same person You have been with For years. You can rip your shirt off And tell everyone That ever got in your way... Continue Reading →

Once she was an innocent child Caught somewhere between "What a drunk wants" and "Can you take this thing for me?" After years of not being wanted Not understanding love She became a woman A beautiful Vibrant Woman. She met two men on her path of life One gave her the comfort Of "I will... Continue Reading →

I don't want to know The answers to life. I don't care to know Who is or is not part of me. I'm not interested In finding the truth In a book Written by a fool Translated by a King That was homosexual. I don't want to know How a tree grows Or how many... Continue Reading →

The crime becomes the person When the jury is deliberating The course of fate That is me. I tell you to call me divinity 'The given light' On a stage That uses only candles. I dance on the desks you sit at To work out the tedious details Of your forgotten lives. The face of... Continue Reading →

Don't want to be the one That gives you mind blowing sex The one you put the star next to In your address book. The one that loves everything about you Then makes up things That you aren't. The one that cooks the best pie Or makes the best bread You've ever eaten. The richest... Continue Reading →

Only one question And yet it is so complicated. Who am I To you? A voice A Moment A reason An excuse An alibi Someone you trust Or someone you may? Someone you love Or someone you don't? A woman you would introduce To your mother Or shield her And your knowledge of her From... Continue Reading →

I want a beautiful ring on my hand Not for its material value But for what it will mean to us. A ring that only I will wear To show that of all the women in the world You chose to love me. A token from you With words spoken from your heart Is all... Continue Reading →

She doesn't believe It's why she doesn't mind When you look into her soul You don't know what you'll find. She doesn't believe She doesn't even try She doesn't believe You're the reason why.

I wonder if you would follow me If I found the end of the Earth And wanted to show you? I wonder if I told you my only dream Was to spend the rest of my life loving you If you would stay or leave? I wonder if I took your breath away In a... Continue Reading →

An uninvited guest In the way of a piece of sand Here to cause chaos And pain To something that cannot rid itself of it. For days this sand stirs about And its hosts defense; All it can do Is build walls Around the sand. In the end What is left Is a beautiful pearl.... Continue Reading →

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