I remember taking the entire episode too far Thinking nothing would ever happen That I would never have to pay The ultimate price For my indignant prose. I remember the feeling of euphoria As everything crumbled at our feet Because I've always known one thing in life That everyone says they love you Will eventually... Continue Reading →

Your incessant whining About your love life Makes me want to deliberately Poke out my eardrums. You forget That while you whine I know what you did Last summer. If you want pity From anyone You'll have to find someone That doesn't know anything About anything. Shouldn't be hard to find. I know you wouldn't... Continue Reading →

I have stood at the edge of death And I wasn't afraid. Looking at it defiantly as if it taunted me. As if it wanted me to go and I wouldn't let it But not because I didn't want to die I really did. I just didn't want to give into something That wanted me... Continue Reading →

I Feel Him

He is the reason I know there is lightSomewhere..Even though I cannot see it.The reason I know the seasons will changeEven though I feel likeI will never get through this Winter.A smile on a strangers faceThat before him I would have ignoredBut now, I love that person.The wind softly blowing my hairOut of my faceBecause... Continue Reading →

We run around in circles Trying to find the truth. What can you do to get her to love you And how long will it take to convince her? All of this and more Lies resting against my banging indifference. A very heady request lies before me You've put upon the table like a vice... Continue Reading →

Your presence is not required That seems to piss you off But your emotion lacks a certain connection Then grace takes it all off course. From early on in my life As a very small child I knew there were people That disliked me. I knew that reason Had nothing to do with me. If... Continue Reading →

Her nightgown flows in the breeze A slightly darker green than usual; Buttoned up in the front Only enough to cover her breasts. No shoes on her feet, She likes to feel the ground. She walks along the path to serenity With great trepidation. Peace has never come easily to her; It has arrived only... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the storm is a bit more than we expected As we pull our weapons out and prepare ourselves for battle. The problem will always remain that what we fight Is the past. Everything we speak of getting between us Happened long ago To two people We are not any longer. Yet here we are... Continue Reading →

Death takes those we love Too quickly. Like greedy hands Reaching out Taking something That isn't theirs to take. Tonight I sit here With my candle lit Missing you. I remember your laugh Smile The way you never sat down Until all the women did. Two days before you died You called me We chatted... Continue Reading →

Sitting at the river of forever We don't understand the cost What is, what will be.. And what all we have lost. Crying seems a shame to us now As we have partaken of the feast. We've slaughtered all the enemy Now what remains is just the beast. We laid out all the bait we... Continue Reading →

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