Sitting at the river of forever

We don’t understand the cost

What is, what will be..

And what all we have lost.

Crying seems a shame to us now

As we have partaken of the feast.

We’ve slaughtered all the enemy

Now what remains is just the beast.

We laid out all the bait we could

We even laid out a steak.

What forever means to us now

Is what all we will forsake.

Seemingly a day goes by

Without nary a word.

I don’t know if it is relevant or not

But all the rumors could be heard.

They say I slept with a married man

And now carry within me his child.

Long ago past the time I tried

Was a woman gone completely wild.

He pulled my hair and bit my lip

Made love to me like a treat.

He licked and pause at his aftermath

Always thinking of the next time we’ll meet.

I’m tired of being his petty toy

He plays with at his command.

Now I’ll take everything he owns

Even his tattered land.

I don’t want to be his kept woman anymore

Marked with this bastard child.

I’ve grown weary of loving a man

That almost has gone half wild.

I announce who he is to an angry court

Then leave with my head held high.

He may lose all respect in this town

But my death will make them cry.

I brew a spell to cast me away

But it leads to my demise.

It almost leads him to insanity

But really, to whose surprise?

His wife then has to raise our child

He secretly thinks is our love.

While he is hell watching over this

I watch it all from above.

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