I am so terribly broken Pieces of me lie on the ground. Sometimes someone comes along Sees a piece they like Pick it up Think "wow, this is a great piece." After a while It's really not that great So they throw it back down With all of the other pieces.

He approaches with care For he knows who he is. Doesn't apologize for the truth At this, the man is a wiz. He is quiet when there needs to be charm Loud when there needs to be noise Always reaching just beyond the truth To an alternate reality and voice. Not quite who he says... Continue Reading →

I am an unaltered human With long, wavy hair Want to undress before you Then have you completely take over. Feel your fingertips glide over my skin As I arch my back and bite my lip. I want you to feel my body As much as you fill my soul.

I built this beautiful home With a kitchen that I dreamed of One of those island things in the middle A nice stove and oven to cook dinner with. It had a beautiful fenced yard For our children to play in Our dogs to run around in. You and I were so totally in love... Continue Reading →


Sometimes something is bigger Than we are, Or the battle takes a disastrous turn. Sometimes we have no allies Or troops We are sick of fighting alone Sometimes the only answer To something Is death.

Young and innocent were the two Once upon a time Under an unassuming moon.   After everything was forgotten Regret filled the air Eventually it subsides though.   Feelings we’ve all left for naught Uplifting are our friends and foes Checked on every now and then Killing ourselves softly with tears Epitomized, eventually Devil wins... Continue Reading →

I lit a match Started a fuse I call it life I didn't choose. I made him mad Brought him to the edge Then I cried Made a pledge. Everyone watched My fire burn They liked it all Until it was their turn. One life hangs in the balance While another is off course A... Continue Reading →

I was laying on a bed of soot Wearing nothing but white Because if anyone likes to pretend They are a virgin It is me. I stand and begin to look around To see if there are any survivors. Do you think anyone could live through The nuclear bomb I have just set off? I... Continue Reading →

Excuse me sir, do you mind if I talk to you While you beat her emotionally? Do you think it necessary to both hit her And call her names at the same time? This lady, she is someones daughter Somebody's mother, guardian angel, and a beacon of light Why must you abuse her so? You... Continue Reading →

A facade is running rampant around here Though nobody seems to be able to find the switch. It takes a gamble to win a war But for a cure you just need a witch. A potion I made for the man in blue With the yellow stripe on his arm. He fell to the ground... Continue Reading →

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