Like a whisper in darkness

That you can’t quite make out.

A sudden and urgent call for help

But they don’t give you the route.

A moment you lost your place in line

To realize you didn’t need to be there.

A question posed to you in a moment

That comes out nowhere.

An insignificant crime where justice is swift

Nearly alarmingly so.

Years you spent loving a woman

Just to watch her go.

Do you remember when you took up drinking?

Or is that time all lost to the past?

Do you recall the winter you shoveled the snow

And finished it off with a cast?

Years of believing in God

To the years you spend in disbelief.

The second your daughter was born she was blue

But cried, to everyone’s relief.

The moment you said you would never love again

Then turned and looked into her face.

You took the right side in a disagreement

Then everyone got on your case.

Which of these moments define you

And which can you simply throw away?

Which do you warily agree with

Which will bring you to pray?


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