Excuse me sir, do you mind if I talk to you

While you beat her emotionally?

Do you think it necessary to both hit her

And call her names at the same time?

This lady, she is someones daughter

Somebody’s mother, guardian angel, and a beacon of light

Why must you abuse her so?

You dangle her from a cliff threatening to let go

Then make her beg you to pull her back up

But you don’t, you make her claw her way back to safety.

Why do you hurt her so? What has she done to you?

Did she hurt your ego? Has she said something erroneous?

I cannot begin to wrap my head around your anger

Of this particular human being.

What will you do with her

When she is broken?

When all the pieces of her you can hold in your hand

That would blow away in a strong wind?

Oh, you say then she would become

Another man’s trash?

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