He approaches with care

For he knows who he is.

Doesn’t apologize for the truth

At this, the man is a wiz.

He is quiet when there needs to be charm

Loud when there needs to be noise

Always reaching just beyond the truth

To an alternate reality and voice.

Not quite who he says

Or doing what he desires

He is the one who lights the match

The one who starts the fires.

Women are his victim

Their emotions are his  take

You must be willing to sacrifice

Have quite a bit of your life at stake.

You’ll never find who he really is

When you unwittingly fall for him.

It will all just crumble at your feet

Then a question of sink or swim.

He will begin to pull away

Once everything comes nearer

You will realize you thought you were loving

But you were dancing with a shadow in the mirror.

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