My pen leaks empathy in a world that lacks conscience. My life is a battlefield an organic imposed reliance. Years of forced smiles taught me nothing but to be fake. Where happiness I could not find my inner strength they could not take. Fire shot up all around me from a past I could not... Continue Reading →

A reminder of a time gone by I was instructed to forget. But it snuck in the room Quietly, like a snake. I freeze, in a panic Begin looking for my weapon But begin thinking of my shield I wield my sword around the room Confused About who is here to harm me And who... Continue Reading →

His name is unimportant As is the shade that he cast upon my life. The only important thing Is that I persevere Above the trial and tribulation That put a demon In the life Of an angel.

Anger runs deep in a well you don’t maintain. Though portions of it go unnoticed by people That are too afraid of their own demons To even begin worrying about yours.   The disobedience comes from a long line of people That never wanted to be held down to rules. We also found that those... Continue Reading →

One life held in a thousand lifetimes Two hearts that beat as one Three moons it took to light the path Four days to reverse the effects of life Five times I say I love you in a day Six thousand times you made me feel protected Seven billion feelings all held within my heart... Continue Reading →

"Fall down" he says to me After I've already settled. I am ready to alter the fight To maintain an alliance I don't need. I look up at him in disapproval An ordinance I would break daily. Just then he pulls out a table Sets it in front of us, for clarity. He plays with... Continue Reading →

Two mirrors stand in front of a woman One shows a nicely dressed lady With a smile on her face. Her eyes burdened with life's faults Wrinkles showing her age, and grace. Hands that held and raised children Lips that kissed the man she loved For all the years she had him. A body that... Continue Reading →

Through divine intervention I was given a reason to live As well as a reason to die. I held in high regard the actions of fools While cheering them As if I didn't know what they had done. My lips were sealed of the actions of others Even when telling someone May clear me of... Continue Reading →

Don't let them see you smile Dear lady. For they will know there is something In this bitter world That warms your heart. Their goal in life Will be to destroy that Which makes you happy. Don't let them see you cry Dear lady. For they will rejoice in the knowledge That something they have... Continue Reading →

If I had all the riches in the world I would lay it at your feet But I do not. If I owned all the land in all the world I would sign it all over to you But I do not. If I owned all of that I know you wouldn't want it from... Continue Reading →

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