I was born a day in December Where devils and angels clash. An impropriety of the upper class They couldn't remove with cash. The day I was born She screamed my name Holiness took a bow Evil did the same. I was to be a bit of both Neither here nor there A wanderlust of... Continue Reading →

I can say I respect you The man that you are. With the drive of a mustang That couldn't get very far. Within lines of grief There is always a little lie. A part of me I kept to myself Like a hidden alibi. There is always a moment in a day Where I am... Continue Reading →

I stand in silence to hear him But he isn't saying anything. They say to watch a mans actions But he does absolutely nothing. I push myself beyond the point of reason Because I believe it reveals the truth of my intention. Requested advice from what was supposed to be my own kind But the... Continue Reading →

A nameless faceless man came to me He complimented everything Trusted nobody But you couldn't tell. He told me there were two sides With two very different viewpoints And I was meant to choose one. The problem was lack of concern Neither would change the world Neither would fix anything It was just a viewpoint... Continue Reading →

An ultimate battle of revenge Planned out on an epic scale. She has wicked streak of anger With an unwillingness to fail. Sobriety would be her friend If she didn't hate her life so much. Grief and betrayal are allies Alcohol is her crutch. The war didn't go as planned Nobody in it but her... Continue Reading →

I could memorize every song Be the most beautiful woman Or the smartest of all he knows. There was a time I would give anything Wanted to make up for his terrible past And be his wonderful future. As I sit here tonight Ignored again I realize He doesn't want me.

What if the one you loved died right now? She died right after you told her she was worthless And you never got a chance to take that back? What if he died right after you told him you didn't love him Which wasn't the truth But the very last thing he ever heard you... Continue Reading →

Every time we speak I feel like it could be the last time. Your heart isn't in this Like mine is. So the very next time We are together Lets just sit in silence. Let me breathe Sitting next to you So I can remember what it was like To breathe without worrying About anything.... Continue Reading →

Deep within the recesses of reality Hidden between lines of text That nobody could possibly understand Are the faces of those we chose to pretend are not there. Human souls are trapped within boxes That those that make too much money Control completely A moment of wasted time they will never get back. Those of... Continue Reading →

What if I don't want to be ignored anymore? Or cast aside when your friends come along? What if I don't want to be sitting here Waiting for you to call or contact me? What if I want a man that wants to touch me so badly That he blindly begins walking, until he reaches... Continue Reading →

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