I slowly crept into your room

Wearing nothing but my smile.

I thought I would toy with your mind

But I wanted to stay for a while.


I sat in the chair and watched you

Sleeping so tenderly.

Nude with a touch of sheet

Begging for my tendency.


I had it all mapped in my head

But now I see you I’ve changed my plan.

I know you want another woman

And I, another man.


Why must one of us die?

Why do we lose our life?

The tendency is to take a bitch

Then make the nice one our wife.


I remove the duct tape from your mouth

Then the belt that holds your hands.

My dream of taking over this situation

Has had a sudden change of plans.


I am the darkness that took your breath

The conspiracy in which you speak.

The reason your tongue was split in half

And I’ve decided that you’re weak.


I lean over the bed and kiss your cheek

Tired of all my defeats.

I’m taking the couch in the living room

You may keep your dirty sheets.

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