Anyone that knows me knows I love music, I don’t even care what kind it is, although I’m not a huge fan of jazz or blues.

Da Vinci, with lead singer Declan Sharma, is what I would describe as honest, raw music, with an edge. Declan is a great singer, and you can tell he really ‘feels’ what he is singing. He, and his band, are what I listen to when I want to know someone understands what I am feeling. Which is why we listen to music anyway, right?

They are based in the UK, but I am hoping they have a big enough fan base in the USA that we can see them perform here.

I’ve put a song in here, but you can find more with the links below. I hope you enjoy them, and become a fan like me and so many of my friends are.



To find more of Declan Sharma and Da Vinci, look no further. Click on a link below:

Their Facebook Page



Their website

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