I will not let my past define me

I will judge myself based on my right now.

I will not allow bad thoughts to ruin my day

I will think only good things about myself, and the world around me.

I will not let the actions of others dictate how I feel, or what I will do

I will realize that is their own pain speaking, and has nothing to do with me.

I will not allow the anger I feel toward someone else take up space in my mind

I will leave it where it belongs and not think of it.

I will not allow people’s judgement of me define who I am

I will be who I am, and they can either love or hate that.

I will look around at the beauty of the world and take a moment to feel blessed

I will honor whatever people that stand next to me, appreciate them, and not take them for granted.

I will love unconditionally, realizing everyone has faults, and I will love those in people too.

I will realize we all have our own beliefs, our own gods, and our own way of worshiping, and embrace that difference.

I will be tolerant of everyone on the planet, and be thankful we are still here…. Today.

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