What if the one you loved died right now?

She died right after you told her she was worthless

And you never got a chance to take that back?

What if he died right after you told him you didn’t love him

Which wasn’t the truth

But the very last thing he ever heard you say to him?

What if the stranger you yelled at and called names

Went home that evening and killed themselves

Because that was the final straw in what was a terrible life?

What if the moment you realized you never wanted to lose her

Someone else was expressing his undying love to her

And you missed the chance?

What if the very last words you said to your mother

You never meant

But they could never be taken back?

What would you do?

We regret, wish we could take things back

Instead of doing the right thing

And not allowing anger to rule our lives.

Always let love win.

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