Born with a little dust on him Because of the sins of this father Crying out to be recognized His mother thought he was such a bother. A Catholic took him in once But he didn't like the guilt He rides on waves of indignation It is now the way he is built. They split... Continue Reading →

She's fiery hot when she's not even trying With long flowing hair and the bluest eyes She captivates me, and the world around The thing is, she never even tries. She was born in a small town To a mother that was always there She exudes the life of a woman with confidence That she... Continue Reading →

The darkness comes in aftermath Of what we thought was a terrific night. Low and behold the truth came in It also brought the light. We are not meant to be with one another It just isn't right. We can scarcely rebuild the walls But we know it isn't worth the fight. Crying and anger... Continue Reading →

I'm afraid of losing you To someone Anyone Closer to you. Not only will she be closer But what if she is Nicer Prettier Skinnier Smarter More understanding? I'm afraid one day you'll be gone And I will be left here Alone. I want there to be someone Anyone In this world That would do... Continue Reading →

I punched a wall I fought the fight Win or lose Wrong or right. Say no more It's all done This crazy life And you've won. I lost the fight I hit the score Unwilling to relent Not anymore. I fought the fight Yet lost the war Just now I don't remember What it all... Continue Reading →

I will not let my past define me I will judge myself based on my right now. I will not allow bad thoughts to ruin my day I will think only good things about myself, and the world around me. I will not let the actions of others dictate how I feel, or what I... Continue Reading →

Somewhere hidden in lines we've read Between the lines we cross, and the ones we don't Hold all facets of our imagination. Sometime between our right now and tomorrow Before all the promises we make of the future Handed to us on a silver platter, to our relief. Someone hands me a key to their... Continue Reading →

He tied my ankles and wrists together Then told me not to make a sound There was something he needed to say And he didn't want me hitting the ground. Funny how you can be so forceful When you know someone cannot move. I would be looking like I was struggling to get free But... Continue Reading →

This force comes out at night To keep the heathens at bay. They can try to hide or run But they will never get away. When the sun comes up in the morning The force goes back to bed. Nobody can feel it now They all hope it is dead. The sound of the force... Continue Reading →

Writing takes the wind away But never ceases the storm. Crying takes the pain away But never keeps me warm. I asked why the world is round Then told them to find the lie. Hidden within the truth of consequence Is the fact that we don't even try. I'll tell you story of a woman... Continue Reading →

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