The Ghost in the Darkness

I am the ghost hidden in darkness You never see at night. The reason you are willing to scream But never put up a fight. I am the ache you feel in your heart for her The reason she will never come. The phone call where she tells you where she lives But never says... Continue Reading →

As trust becomes a little less evident A line you drew long ago now doesn't exist. Once you tear at the fabric of humanity Do you ever try to conceal, what once you laid claim to? Foreboding, yet forgiving is a heavy heart that lasts Without a cause you destroy all faith Leave nothing in... Continue Reading →

Frost fell from his fingertips As he apologized for the score. He didn't realize it would hurt her But she really was a whore. Set two pence on the table Against her bashing pride. She called him names and hit the wall But she knew the man had lied. Sometimes all we want is love... Continue Reading →

An ever cumbersome traitor Found on a social site When bored he would troll the walls Of unsuspecting women late at night. Trying to find one desperate enough To believe his fallen lies He'd like you to believe it is very hard But he never even tries. Hollow words and meaningless babble Led one woman... Continue Reading →

There are some couples on this planet That are written in the stars Above their heads Where souls quietly intermingle with one another. There is love on this planet So deeply rooted That nothing they say or do will change it. Because people are like trees Growing ever so tall and beautiful Yet what they... Continue Reading →

I've made a comfortable room for myself Contains a chair, tons of books, and a table. Somewhere around here is a pen Used many times to write many things. It is a tiny place, built with dark wood Only one light to keep the darkness from swallowing me. Outside is life.. People living, dreaming, and... Continue Reading →

Broken people in a wasted land Where everything has gone awry. We fix what we know to be broken Yet nobody asks why. Flowers move along with a breeze Everyone feels its touch. Every so often we beg for water But they never give us very much. When one of us decides to dance They... Continue Reading →

This bottle contains the antidote But I won't give it to the victim. All along I tried to ask them What was the first symptom? Maybe I've changed too much Or perhaps I'm just unaware. I tried to tell everyone I was really nice But it didn't really get me anywhere. One season I'm pissed... Continue Reading →

From the depths of me nobody has seen Within tiny crevices I thought long forgotten Pieces of art still stand that remain unvalued Though I'm sure someone would put a price on them. We stand together as one yet are separated by a vast ocean That has never kept our hearts at bay. You run... Continue Reading →

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