From the depths of me nobody has seen

Within tiny crevices I thought long forgotten

Pieces of art still stand that remain unvalued

Though I’m sure someone would put a price on them.

We stand together as one yet are separated by a vast ocean

That has never kept our hearts at bay.

You run your finger around the rim of a glass

That you have never touched

You bring my body and mind to places I’ve never been

Though I haven’t seen you.

We’ve fought, cried, laughed, read, and argued

From thousands of miles away.

The sound of your voice soothes me

In a way nothing ever has.

My dream is that one day we come together

Become a force nobody can tame.

That we love one another with the passion of a first love

And the hope of people that have never been hurt.

Crazy is the sun and moon that work together

Yet never see one another

It is a beautiful arrangement where one leaves

So the other can come.

One day we will stand together

One day we will come together

You, the piece of my heart.





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