This bottle contains the antidote

But I won’t give it to the victim.

All along I tried to ask them

What was the first symptom?

Maybe I’ve changed too much

Or perhaps I’m just unaware.

I tried to tell everyone I was really nice

But it didn’t really get me anywhere.

One season I’m pissed because he’s wrong

The next because he is right.

I make a fist and pound the wall

Ready for this fight.

Another is dead from the poison

That now they blame me for.

I’ve smashed enough rocks to know

This lady isn’t keeping score.

They assume I’m all alone in this

That I haven’t the strength to win.

Generations of angry souls behind me

With wars we know how to begin.

Don’t test me with this stupidity

Because trust me, I’ll get it wrong.

There is danger in underestimating a woman

That knows without a doubt she is strong.






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