Broken people in a wasted land

Where everything has gone awry.

We fix what we know to be broken

Yet nobody asks why.

Flowers move along with a breeze

Everyone feels its touch.

Every so often we beg for water

But they never give us very much.

When one of us decides to dance

They give us a little song.

If we complain to the people in charge

They hold a gun to us and ask what is wrong.

Perhaps the mindless never notice

Or watch what they take away.

Some of us breathe anarchy

And someday we will get our way.

We’ll pretend to walk along with the fold

But we are the wolf, not the sheep.

Right about the time they think they’ve won

They will sow what they reap.

We’ll attach chains to their ankles

Make them beg for food.

When they ask for a little drink of our ale

We’ll tell them were not in the mood.

Someday we’ll all be awake

We’ll want this country back.

It begins with a call to arms

To get us all on track.

If you want to be part of the solution

Instead of being part of the crime.

Turn off your televisions for good

Take back your life and your time.

Read up on our Constitution

That granted us certain rights.

Our forefathers wanted us to be free

They wanted us all to be lights.

Stop putting fools with money into office

And elect our common man.

Nobody knows what we want more

Than our neighbor, with a brilliant plan.

There is strength in numbers and aptitude

We’ll stop all wars with peace.

Dignity comes to a country that knows

The men in Guantanamo deserve release.

Until we understand unity

And realize our worth.

Nothing comes from our death

If we don’t tend to our re-birth.

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