An ever cumbersome traitor

Found on a social site

When bored he would troll the walls

Of unsuspecting women late at night.

Trying to find one desperate enough

To believe his fallen lies

He’d like you to believe it is very hard

But he never even tries.

Hollow words and meaningless babble

Led one woman astray

She believed his cumbersome lies

One beautiful Spring day.

He told her it was love at first sight

And man he loved her stories!

He said his work involved traffic

But mostly working on lorries.

When he felt like he reeled her in

He began to speak of love

His dream was to have their wedding in Rome

Where they would release a single white dove.

We subsist within the confides of our mind

But this one had a plan

The only thing he didn’t count on

Was his victim was really a man.


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