As trust becomes a little less evident

A line you drew long ago now doesn’t exist.

Once you tear at the fabric of humanity

Do you ever try to conceal, what once you laid claim to?

Foreboding, yet forgiving is a heavy heart that lasts

Without a cause you destroy all faith

Leave nothing in your wake but empty souls full of hate.

Your deity may save that soul of yours

But don’t you have to be dead first?

When those of us in the know realize in haste

What others it takes years to absorb

We lose prospect of the kernel of satisfaction

We would have had, if everyone heard us.

Yet we are the crazy ones in life

The ones you think are a bit odd

Maybe even weird.

We subsist with wanton abandonment

Do crazy things like think with our heads

Try to figure things out, ourselves

Without being told what we are or are not supposed to believe.

We cry out for knowledge, and obtain it

Through diligence.

It isn’t the kind of knowledge you read in a book,

We want to live life

We want to breathe clean air

We want to eat actual food

Not processed bullshit that they claim is food

But real, tangible, edible food.

We don’t like rules,

Or anything that tells us what we can or cannot do.

If we are faced with them,

Then we test that boundary, because we are learning

Because we want to understand.

We are free

We are unbiased

We are loyal

We are one.


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