I Haven't Met Him

She asked me how he smelled I told her like a beautiful Spring day When the rain has stopped The world is quiet The succulent air is clean And refreshing.   She asked me how he looked I told her he looked Like everything I've ever wanted Wrapped in a beautiful package Of brown eyes... Continue Reading →

If Only

If only I had a minute I would stop the entire world To tell you I love you To try to get out Everything you mean to me In that one minute.   If only I had wings I would fly to you Beg your forgiveness Tell you what a terrible mistake I made Then... Continue Reading →


I rather like the falsity of it all It's like eating spam and pretending it is steak Driving a Plymouth Duster and pretending it is a Ferarri. Only sometimes do I wish he were real That I could touch him Feel him Wrap my future around the truth Instead of wrapping it around his lies.... Continue Reading →

Some of Us

    When someone finds it worthwhile to tame me Wherefore I reside somewhere in them So my storm becomes their shelter We both can possess the power contained in it Yet never truly have it. Some of us succumb to the darkness Some run from it I've made it my world.

The Remnants of What You Believe

I almost hyperventilated when talking to a friend today, about what I did to you. I thought of everything your friends and family are probably saying about me, and about us. I thought of words coming out of your mouth, that you probably believe, but know are not true.  I could hear you calling me... Continue Reading →

Trying to Forget You

My body went completely cold The moment I realized we would never be The second I realized I would never see you again Or hear you tell me that you love me. I spent much of that day crying Trying to figure out where it all went wrong Then I decided it was time to... Continue Reading →

Somewhere Behind Me

Somewhere between attrition and confusion Caught up between defiance and compliance The rudimentary and the advanced Beautiful and almost atrocious Contrary and submissive A beautiful lie and the painful truth.   I stand on a bridge that spans an ocean Been here for months Gotten completely drenched But I will not move. Some people burn... Continue Reading →


I stood before you once In a dream Where I had little clothing And I taunted you Mostly with words But also with my action. I ran my hand down your chest While looking into your eyes Then asked you If you wanted me. There are much deeper questions In moments of intimacy Than what... Continue Reading →

The Anatomy of Pain

At first it is unrelenting It never gives Nor shifts It is as if there were knife Jabbed into you That you cannot remove No amount of tears will remove No amount of anger will remove No amount of guilt will remove. You wake in the morning thinking of it Drink your coffee and smoke... Continue Reading →

She is Broken

So broken that if you love her she will hurt you Completely to your core Yet she will not completely understand what she did Until you walk away from her, away from the pain. Then her beautiful mind will kick in And she will have to do something she's never done To overcome the hurt... Continue Reading →

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