The last time I saw you

Was the very last breath I took,

You held me tightly in your arms

Begging me not to die

Telling me everything would be alright.

Everything wasn’t alright

I was very old and very sick.

As I laid there dying

My mind went back to our past

To loving you for a lifetime

All the times we made love

Held hands


Now I’ve been around for years

Wondering where you are

Trying to find you.

When I say I miss you

I’m saying I miss my husband

The man that wiped many tears from my cheek

Held my hand through many births

Made love to me like we were strangers.

When I say I miss you

It is because in this lifetime,

I haven’t gotten to touch you

Do you still feel the same?

I haven’t gotten to kiss you

Would you still put your hand in the small of my back?

I haven’t gotten to hold you

Do you still love when I run my fingers through your hair?

I haven’t gotten to look into your eyes

Would you look at me the same way?

It is time for you to come to me,

Because I miss you terribly.

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