The Road

Imagine yourself standing at the end of a road

In the distance you can see someone coming

Faintly, you see the outline of a human

You begin to smile, hoping this is finally the end

Then the noise begins

It breaks the silence like thunder

Every doubt you ever had creeps in

Whispers in your ear that you aren’t worth anything

In the other ear are all the people

That told you or showed you that you weren’t worth loving

So in one ear you have doubt, the other slamming doors.

The person is still coming

It is taking a long time for them to walk to you

When silence finally takes over and you try to compose yourself

So you can look excited.

This time, the person that is coming toward you speaks

You hear every bad thing they ever told you

Every time they were angry at you

With maybe a little embellishment

Then doubt whispers in your ear

That if you allow them to come

They will just leave you.

Then again you get a moment of silence

The person looks further away when you focus in

It makes you wonder if they will ever get to you

So you watch them to see if they are even walking

Or maybe they are just standing there waiting for you

To come to them?

The hell is it with this road?


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