Somewhere Behind Me

Somewhere between attrition and confusion

Caught up between defiance and compliance

The rudimentary and the advanced

Beautiful and almost atrocious

Contrary and submissive

A beautiful lie and the painful truth.


I stand on a bridge that spans an ocean

Been here for months

Gotten completely drenched

But I will not move.

Some people burn them

But not me, I stand on them

I study them

Try to figure out why I am here.

I was handed a list of all my attrubutes

Then told I could go either direction

Or submit, and fall to my death.

Many emotions follow my reading;

Pride tells me they are wrong about me

Pain says I deserve what I have gotten

Vanity tells me some are actually good traits to have

Anger tells me I should get revenge.

I cannot see what is on either side of this bridge

But I know a fall would mean certain death

So perhaps the certainty is better?

Would flip a coin, but I don’t have one

So I choose a side and begin walking

When I realize

What I walk away from is my past

So I throw the letter down


Behind me.

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