If Only

If only I had a minute

I would stop the entire world

To tell you I love you

To try to get out

Everything you mean to me

In that one minute.


If only I had wings

I would fly to you

Beg your forgiveness

Tell you what a terrible mistake I made

Then lay in your arms



If only I had your heart

I would keep it safe

Somewhere nobody could find it

But me

And I would look at it from time to time

And smile, knowing you loved me.


If only we had never part

I could have loved you

All this time

And you wouldn’t hate me

For hurting you

The way I did.


If only I could turn back time

To before you met her

Before you even knew of her

I could have the parts of you

That you unwittingly

Gave away.


If only we were strangers

That had never met

I wouldn’t want you

Or cry for you

Every day

Like I do now.


head full of lies

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