After The Rain

The sweat from our bodies Collides with the rain Pouring down From an unforgiving sky We grasp at flesh Moan into one another Trying desperately To reach climax Before the storm ends After the rain We both lie there Still holding on To one another Wanting more.

I Think You Should Kiss Me

After the storm I created has died down You pace the floor until you can't move Then list my faults one by one Yell at me for everything I've ever done wrong To you. We can create a list of my inadequacies Then burn it in a ritual fire Where you tell me it doesn't... Continue Reading →

I Don't Want To Know

I Don't Want To Know. If you don't yet follow the writing of Josephine Ranes, then you should. She is an excellent writer, and a beautiful person.

Nothing Good To Gain

Darkness kills the light at times But it never dulls my pain. I'd like to say I've tried my best But I've nothing good to gain. Trails of tears left behind me With your name on every one Kept me for reaching for the sword But didn't deter me from the gun. Now I stand... Continue Reading →

The Other Side Of My Face

Many months ago, I released my book "When Darkness Falls." It was October 26th, 2013, to be exact. This was after 6 books of poetry, and I decided not to do anymore. Then I released a book of short stories entitled "On The Other Hand" which did well, but I missed publishing poetry, and I... Continue Reading →

A Piece Of Him

If you look ever so closely Through this magnifying glass You will see pieces of us Parts we've dropped along the way. I may never convince him Maybe never regain his trust But I will always love him Even while he holds another.   Time is a fragrance we don't forget Love is a song... Continue Reading →

I Don't Want To Know

I don't want to know what your favorite color is Or what you ordered for dessert tonight. I don't want to know what kind of car you drive Or where you were 3 hours ago. I want to know what you do when you hear the rain on the roof When you look down and... Continue Reading →

Icky Snicket

Follow the green line with your finger When you see a hole push in as hard as you can Your mess will become more clear With obstinate danger prevailing. She toys with what she does not know Forsaking all those who have come before Only a glimpse into her past would tell you She is... Continue Reading →

Look Who Isn't Married

For the second year in a row My charlatan has lied Left me bereft of endearment Until all dreams had died. Today marks an anniversary Of a life that went awry Shot to left in darkness Just to make a lady cry. Now we wonder why I'm jaded After another liar is gone I've no... Continue Reading →

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