With the Exception of Protocol

We stand with fans around a flame

Reaching out to only one of us

It calls to her to enter into it

And she falls to her knees.

Of all the 8 gods

None of them will save her

Not tonight anyway.

He knew she was done fighting

There would be no road left to take

When silence took the atmosphere

He pulled her aside

Told her that it was her fate

Though she didn’t want to believe it

Yet she didn’t want to turn and run

As so many others in the past.

Death takes an ugly grip on people

When it decides it is time.

Layers of a woman behold

Terminal, but never forgotten

She grabbed a lock of his hair

Then strode diligently into the flames.

Now she is the fire

She so hopelessly ignored

Only when it suited her did she think of it

Even then, it was only for a second.

Protocol would have said that she spoke first

But she nary said a word

Besides, she wasn’t much on customs really

It was her life she was giving for the cause.

One thought on “With the Exception of Protocol

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  1. Reminds:
    Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality.
    Emily Dickinson
    Thanks visit my blog.

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