Waves of heat rising from the sand dunes

Sweat running down your face

Muscles in your body contract

Begging for hydration

Would you like a drink of water?

Bodies entwined for hours

Repeating the same act over and over

With only lust filled gasps to take up the airwaves

I wonder if they are thirsty?

A lengthy speech you are bound to get through

Your tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth

People in the audience are drinking away

Would you care for a drink of wine?

Wringing your hands together in terrible nervousness

You are about to seal your fate with honesty

Honesty that will bring a house down to its knees

The emotions are exhausting

How about a cup of coffee?

A woman’s heart you have stolen over months

She stares at you greedily

As you stumble over words to profess your love

And compromise her future

Have you tried a cup of courage?

I stand in the middle of a thunderstorm

Screaming for it to take this power away from me

Wanting no more to be left wanton and abandoned

No coffee, water, wine, or courage to see me through

But then again

I’m not thirsty.

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