Passion vs. Temptation

She is the one you lie with every night

The phone call you get where you drop your phone

In anticipation of what she could want with you.

I am the one you forget about

The lie you keep nestled secretly under your breath.

She is a seed you planted

So you could watch something beautiful grow.

I am a weed that pops up in a garden

Where people say “where the hell did that thing come from?”

She is the mother of your child

I am the step child that nobody claims.

She is the very breath you take

I am the moment that takes your breath away.

She is a picnic in a park with butterflies and wine

I am dangling from a cliff asking you to join me.

She is the beautiful sunny weather with a tad of wind

I create hurricanes, tornadoes, and love it when they come together.

She is your passion, in life and love

I am your temptation, the darker side of you

Lies bind us and keep us deceptive.

But in knowing what and whom we are

We are the truth.

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