What She Wants

When all elements of the planet conspire

She sits and contemplates certain ire.

Wishing all the stars will align

Then seemingly all will be fine.

But something has to mess up the ordeal

It isn’t from wanton failure to feel.

The last time she wanted a love she cried

When all was said and done she died.

Left in a field of daisies to rot

Another promised her a nice warm cot.

She didn’t trust the man at first

Until it came ~ Her undying thirst.

Satiated, she finally believed

But he wasn’t exactly as he seemed.

Her perfect nest of roses and candy

All of a sudden didn’t seem so handy.

He left the closet open once

She had found he’d been lying for months.

Now she only takes short term jaunts

Nothing in this is anything she wants.



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