Time To Say Goodbye

The veins in our arms are empty

Like the rivers we used to cry

They now sit in complete absolution

They have naught ~ They are dry.

We both were scorned

Though years ago

Neither one of us

Are willing to let go.

We both pack our bags

Then smile at one another

We could hug or touch somehow

But why even bother?

Broken houses are all around

People are made a mess

What we create from walking away

Leads to much more than distress.

We’ll both be older when we love again

When we learn to trust our core

It will be years before you trust

That every woman isn’t a petty whore.

Parents need to be notified now

But first we sit the children down

The rumor mill started months ago

Our agony has already gone around.

We’ll force smiles to perpetuate stillness

When really we just want to cry

But it is times like these we both know

It is time to say goodbye.

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