A Piece Of Him

If you look ever so closely

Through this magnifying glass

You will see pieces of us

Parts we’ve dropped along the way.

I may never convince him

Maybe never regain his trust

But I will always love him

Even while he holds another.


Time is a fragrance we don’t forget

Love is a song we used to sing

Life took our friendship

Mistrust lost your ring.

We whisper in shadow at night

During the day we hardly recall

A past that led us to our future

Has now become our fall.

Creation led us to this time and space

Our dance was beautiful and refined

Hours ago I could swear I could hear you

Today our relationship is undefined.

If I could hold your hand

Across the ocean so blue

I would swear my loyalty

You would see our love is true.

Though only time and distance dispair

My heart grows heavy, my mind is grim

The only thing I want today

Is just a little piece of him.



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