Let It Come

Whether it burns me to the core And I feel it for years Or it fades away in darkness Like blowing out a candle. Whether it stings like a bee That thinks it is protecting Its life Or it is sharp like a tack You didn't know was in your chair. I don't care how... Continue Reading →

I Just Want To

I don't have to have deep Seemingly meaningful conversations About how the stars align And how we fit into it all. I don't have to tell you I love you And I don't want to hear you say it Because I know it would be yet another lie And I'm tired of lies. You don't... Continue Reading →


A creature born of habit In a moment you cannot recall Why do we fly to the heavens Just to make the fall? A tear shed from a cloud You catch it in your hand. Do you really believe we have the power To take anything from this land? So powerfully you feel In a... Continue Reading →

He Doesn't See It

He doesn't see that he's special Never understood that he shines. Confused how our heart can be led Within our entangled minds. He doesn't know that he has me Won't even understand the connection. Even when I'm standing before him Amidst all his brilliant affection. He doesn't see that he's wanted Harboring a heavy past.... Continue Reading →

Someone Needs To Tell Her

Someone needs to tell her she's broken Someone should assure her she's fine. Someone needs to show her the moon and the stars Tell her she's what makes them shine. Someone should assure her she's real Someone should tell her the facts. Someone should walk up to her today Show her what all the others... Continue Reading →

The Rain

I took off my shirt in the rain Needing to feel it on my breasts Holding my head back The wetness trailed down me In a pattern I traced with my finger. There is none of him on me There never has been He isn't strong enough To touch me He isn't like this rain... Continue Reading →

Vapid Veracity

Vapid Veracity holding down a mile Sinful Salaciousness that makes a woman smile. Half cocked and heartless speed Nobody did it, but they all blamed greed. Hidden within a secret repose We shortly combed the truth, I suppose. A dragon came with earnest speed And I, have finally done the amative deed. Dangerous quotes that... Continue Reading →

What If..

What if I stood in front of you Right after saying I loved you Saying you couldn't have me? What if I then stood on your doorstep Professing my undying love Begging for another chance? What if I cried one night Telling you that you don't reach me That I may be broken? What if... Continue Reading →


Solitude is complex Yet simple, really. Like a drop of dew On a piece of grass That if you touch it Is no longer there. I have an angel That whispers to me But I hear him constantly. It is as if it were the wind And every time it blew You could feel it.... Continue Reading →

The Hand That Touched Me

It is almost as if there are two parts of me One that everyone else talks to And the part that he talks to. When he  speaks to me It is directly to my heart It passes no gate. Today I spoke to him After not hearing from him For months. It was as if... Continue Reading →

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