Empty Cloud

Dust fills an empty heart

That knows not where to go.

Underestimating the cost of the past

We did not hear, we do not know.

The innocence is forming an alliance

With tyrants near and far.

They left their mark on uncharted land

But unfortunately left a scar.

Yearning desire builds a bridge

Nobody seems to traverse.

I’ve hidden the scheme inside of your head

But it is in the other verse.

A note played in a masterpiece

Sounds wonderful when alone.

You tell me we are insurgent stars

Now who has reaped what he has sown?

Shown fragments of skin that alabaster smile

Through which nobody can obtain.

Empty minds breed empty hearts

Then what is this world to gain?

Rain follows a fellow around

He is unduly endowed.

But you, with your heart of stone

Just have an empty cloud.

i am your lie

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