Solitude is complex
Yet simple, really.
Like a drop of dew
On a piece of grass
That if you touch it
Is no longer there.

I have an angel
That whispers to me
But I hear him constantly.
It is as if it were the wind
And every time it blew
You could feel it.

Noise are the men that want
And you know what it is
It isn’t your mind they
Want to fuck.

Noise are the people
Demanding your attention
Or reaching for you
When you are trying your best
Just to cope.

Noise are the friends
That know you have fallen
But keep telling you
About the last time they fell.

Noise is the constant distraction
People know they are
But don’t care.

Noise is not the sounds of Earth
But the sounds of voices
Or the reaching of hands
To parts of you
They want
But can never have.

Noise is not the sound of music
But the distraction
From your life
Your dreams
Your desires
That people don’t want you
Reaching for.

A man
But not just any man
The man that speaks my truth
Told me I have too much


3 thoughts on “Noise

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  1. I relate to this piece very much. Sad and True.
    Noise is haunting
    Beautifully written (((awhoooo)))

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